Raising all the boats!

High Tide Distribution is a team of experienced cannabis leaders representing the heritage farmers and small batch craftspeople that built the cannabis industry in California. The transition from a self-regulated market to a highly regulated market has not been an easy one for the small family farms who have been providing medicine to patients through their network of collectives for decades. At High Tide, we strive to partner with those artisans who have been focused on craft cannabis, fair trade, honoring the plant, and cultivating plants that heal mind, body and spirit, and ensuring that they have a place in the new world! Our menu is carefully curated to represent the highest quality craft cannabis products.

Cultivation and Manufacturing Services

We offer full-service manufacturing and distribution support to small and medium sized farmers and herbalists including:

  • Branding Support
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Cannabis Education
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Fullfillment
  • Storage
  • Full-Service Distribution

Retail Partner Services

Our sales and fulfillment process is based on outstanding customer service and education. We have developed a process to ensure that our retail partner’s staff understand the products we distribute and can have educated, well-informed conversations with the end consumer. Captain Cam, our VP of Business Development, attends several medical conferences a year and is a cannabis historian. This knowledge gets shared with our staff who then shares it with your staff! We have dedicated account managers available to answer questions and take orders quickly and efficiently!

Sol Spirit Farm is nestled in the heart of Trinity County in the internationally known Emerald Triangle. They are a small team of seasoned, craft cultivators who produce small batches. And utilize full sun cannabis with love, intention while focusing on sustainability. Their cannabis is grown in native soil allowing it to fully express the local terroir that has made this region famous, and you taste it in every puff!
Where the music never stops, the dancers never tire, and the smiles never fall. Known as the Fiddler’s Green, it promised paradise to those stalwart and fortunateenough to find it. Fiddler’s Greens is a producer of carefully-crafted products using sun-grown flowers cultivated in the Petaluma Wind Gap of Sonoma County using organic and biodynamic practices, with a focus on sustainability and protecting the environment. They produce a line of wellness products including tinctures, topicals, flowers, and prerolls. Try them for yourself, and let us show you the way to the music!
Entheo is a functional cannabis brand, intended to connect you to the beneficial properties of the world's most treasured and studied adaptogenic herbs - combined with beautiful, interactive art. We believe that everyone deserves to feel unlimited amounts of joy, health, and vitality, without compromising a deliciously tasteful experience.
Let the power of plant wisdom enhance your well-being, leaving you to simply enjoy the experience.